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 Application rules

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PostSubject: Application rules   Fri Aug 21, 2009 1:40 pm

To apply for our guild, please answer the following -

1. General Info

1.1) Country of origin.
1.2) Date of birth.
1.3) What is your previous MMO experience and how many hours do you spend playing on a weekly basis?
1.4) How do you feel about PvP in MMOs ? Are you a PvP person or a pvefag? (if you're going to answer with the second, please GTFO of our forums)

2. Cabal Info

2.1) Current character class,in-game name,level,skill and honour rank.
2.2) What is your experience in Cabal? Do you have other characters? If you do tell us more about them.
2.3) Do you know or have you grouped with any K4F members ?
2.4) Are you interested in crafting? Do you plan on investing time and alz in increasing your crafting level?

Please provide a Character Screenshot in the end of your post.

!! Before you post an application please be sure you've read the following threads:

1. Main Rules
2. Other
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Application rules
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