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 Main guild rules.

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PostSubject: Main guild rules.   Fri Aug 21, 2009 1:21 pm

1. Our guild is international,that's why we speak English only in the guild chat.Basic knowledge of the English language is required.
2. No selling between guild members.
3. Our guild is for fair players only. Hackers,scammers & etc are NOT welcome here!
4. Respect guild members and avoid conflicts.Flaming will not be tolerated!

5. K4F is Procyon nation, and as such we accept only proc members.

Additional stuff
1. Respect the rules. bigboss (obviously)
2. Inform us if you have to be inactive for some reason and how long it will be. ( if it isn't personal of course )
3. Let us know your opinion.
4. The guild is always behind you, we expect the same.
5. Traitors will need more than rename card!
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Main guild rules.
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