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 Guild Membership (110+)

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PostSubject: Guild Membership (110+)   Wed Dec 09, 2009 6:02 pm

Whether you've just graduaded our academy, or you're a new recruit, you will have to get used to the following changes:
  • You will need to start playing by our PvP policy.
  • Leveling & Parties. You are always welcome in every LS/MF/PF party in which there is a free slot, according to our Grouping Policy.
  • Dungeons. Ah, yes, dungeons. Now every time there is a guild eodb2f run you're welcome to join, be it for honor leeching or to assist with completion speed, according to your level. The loot will be split afterwards, according to our Looting Policy.

New Responsibilities:
  • At least 6h/day online time.
  • Knowledge and strict following of our Policies.
  • It will be expected of to to render your assistance both to our officers and to our academy members.
  • Weekly guild membership fee consisting 1mil alz & 5x UCH & Craft materials & Formula Cards (CA ones excluded). Trade them to the corresponding Class Officer.
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Guild Membership (110+)
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