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 PvP Policy

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PostSubject: PvP Policy   Wed Dec 09, 2009 5:08 pm

As a PvP oriented guild, this is our most important policy.

1)PvP situations are with top priority. Nobody cares how much time you have remaining till you finish the pve shiet you are up to, or to get those last bits of your exp bar & etc. If a PvP situation occurs that requires your attendance you must drop whatever you are up to and get your arse there.

2)Follow the chain of command to avoid any mistakes in where we want you to be or what we want you to do exactly in the fight.

3)If we are engaded in a battle, or camping a warp/prem warp spot, NEVER attack a fellow K4F member.

General MMO pvp rule: Always facerape the healers first. If there is no healer go for the glass canons. Leave the tanky Warriors and such for the last.

Ofcourse with the different classes the enemy group has, the situations change. The environment is also a factor here. Pay attention to the person currently navigating the fight, or GTFO. kkthxbb ;0
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PvP Policy
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