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 Sample Application

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PostSubject: Sample Application   Wed Dec 09, 2009 3:06 pm

1. General Info

1.1) Country of origin
- Bulgaria

1.2) Date of birth.
- 13.07.1990.

1.3) What is your previous MMO experience and how many hours do you spend playing on a weekly basis?
- I've spent most of my gaming time in WoW, L2 and Eve Online. Ofc i've tried simpler games (mu online & etc) ... I spend roughly 35-40 hours/week playing MMORPGs

1.4) How do you feel about PvP in MMOs ? Are you a PvP person or a pvefag? (if you're going to answer with the second, please GTFO of our forums)

2. Cabal Info

2.1) Current character class,in-game name,level,skill and honour rank
- BlackWaltz, 15x WI, 2trans, 8th rank

2.2) What is your experience in Cabal? Do you have other characters? If you do tell us more about them
-Thats my second char in Cabal, first was also a wi but i stopped playing back then :> .

2.3) Do you know or have you grouped with any K4F members ?
-Yup, + i know those scrubs IRL ^^
2.4) Are you interested in crafting? Do you plan on investing time and alz in increasing your crafting level?
-mb, just mb i'll spec in ring artifact crafting ... i want them RoS+10s
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Sample Application
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