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 Vent setup and login

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PostSubject: Vent setup and login   Tue Nov 24, 2009 4:38 pm

Vent-only rules:
*Use vent:
If you’re ingame then log into Ventrilo it's that simple.

Please use English in the general lobby and most of the other channels. We kinda need to understand each other in order for the whole vent thing to work ... There are specific channels for different languages, if there isn't one for your own you can always pm me or flakes with a request.

*No multi-connections from the same ip allowed:
That's kind of a no-brainer.

*Vent names:
At your first login in vent you will be assigned a guest account. Then you will pm either me or flakes here or ingame with the name and password for your vent account (please do not use the same login and/or password as you game account)

*Voice Activation:
Please do NOT use the Voice Activation feature. It's annoying as hell. (period)

So, first you need to download the version from here and install it. After that, go to where your client is located, download and replace these two files 1 , 2.

Now start the program from your desktop shortcut. You will be asked to select an user name and server to connect to. Use your char's name as user, or put it in the (Comment) after you connect.

Below are the server settings

After you have connected, click Setup and change according to your system

After you have your vent account created, you will need to add the password to your Connection Editor and reconnect as a member.
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Vent setup and login
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