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 Beginner Guide

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PostSubject: Beginner Guide   Fri Nov 13, 2009 5:29 am

Meet your Growth Level:

One thing you must keep track of as your levelling through Cabal is to meet your character growth.

Not only is the character growth a sort of guide to how to have your stats for that particular class but it also has to be met every 10 levels upto level 100 so you can learn new skills from the officer / instructor in the village you started off in. After level 100 though the growth stats no longer apply to the battle style quest and you can decide how you would like your characters stats to be.

When in-game press C to bring up your stat menu, you'll notice at the top underneath the blue 'Character Status' writing, your Growth Lv. requirement which you have to make sure your stats are the same as or higher.

Notice below the + 1 in my INT, necklaces and rings etc like that which add stats, cannot be used when it comes to the Growth Requirement.

source :

I will rework the guide ... erm ... at some point ... later ...

Heres what you learn every 10 levels:

* Lv.10 : Combo Mode (when used and carefully timed can combo enemies)
* Lv.20 : Aura Mode (an Aura which temporarily increases your stats)
* Lv.30 : 1st Battle Mode (class specific Battle Mode similar to Aura except more stylish)
* Lv.40 : Create Guild / Hoverboard License / Mix Modes (can mix Aura with Battle Mode 1 and Skill Buff Time increased by 50%)
* Lv.50 : 2nd Battle Mode / Board Chain Attack Skill Level 1 (class specific Battle Mode - can combo with Hoverboard)
* Lv.60 : Mix Modes / Board Chain Attack Skill Level 2 (can mix Aura with Battle Mode 2)
* Lv.70 : Max HP UP / Board Chain Attack Skill Level 3 (HP Boost values may vary depending on Battle Style)
* Lv.80 : Bike License / Board Chain Attack Skill Level 4 (if you find a bike card can ride one of these beauties)
* Lv.90 : Bike Chain Attack Skill Level 1 / Mix Modes (can combo with Bike and also mix Combo Mode with Aura Mode)
* Lv.100 : Extra Storage / Bike Chain Attack Skill Level 2 (get an extra page of space)

Upgrade your Skills:

You have to keep using your attack skills if you want them to level up and high level ranked skills is what you want! Not only are higher skills stronger and faster but constantly using them and hitting the next rank levels up your stats, so if you Rank Up sword or magic skills and got to Double Master at level 60 you would easily be able to wear higher grade equipment than normal. Getting up your skills requires you to hunt enemies rather than doing quests.

There are 3 different types of skill you can purchase from the 'Instructor' - Sword, Magic and Upgrade.

Remember to buy your skills from the Instructor in the village you started off in as they have moves for your class that the other instructors do not have. Only the Port Lux instructor holds new skills.

Press K to bring up your Skill menu, here you can see what rank your skill is currently at (Master), how much till it ranks up (21/57), the progress bar showing your current xp till you level up (Sword EXP), and Skill Points available to level up your current skills (Sword Skill Point).

Raising Magic Skill is exactly the same as raising Sword Skill, Upgrade skill however is slightly different. Upgrade skills only rank up when youve ranked up your Sword or Magic skills so if you had Master in Sword skill you would have Master in Upgrade - if you then got A.Master in magic you would then have A.Master in Upgrade. Always remember to purchase your Upgrade skills as they can make you character better and can add stuff like HP every time your skills hit a new rank.

To upgrade or remove your skills simply just click on the skill icon + to level it up - to remove a level.

(if at level 1 the minus will remove the skill)

The higher ranked level skills you deduct a level from, the higher the cost in Alz.

You can also buy or make equipment called 'Adept' which makes levelling up your skill faster, the more skill points on the item the faster it will take to level so try to get a full decent adept set.

Practise your combos:

Combos can seem very tricky at first, once youve managed to perfect it though you can always make it so you at least get an 11 hit combo.

Firstly you want to get your combo bar in the right place, theres 2 places you can have it either just above your character or at the very top of the screen. To change its position go into your options, choose the 'Game' tab and tick / untick 'Combo UI on top', personally i prefer it unticked.

Now the combo bar is where u want it, its time to start practising using it. Combo Mode uses 10% of your SP bar so make sure you have enough SP before starting (the yellow bar underneath your blue magic bar which goes up by attacking enemies/dummies or dancing).

You can only use magic or sword skills when doing combo's, normal attack will not work. As im sure you are aware, everytime you use a sword or magic skill attack you have to wait a short amount of time before you can use it again (cool down time) so when combo'ing make sure you are not using a move thats hasnt cooled down yet, if you do it will cancel the combo.

Once you start Combo Mode you will notice the combo bar appear and a green / yellow bar inside it will fly across to the right, what you need to do is press a magic or sword attack as it gets inside the 2 lines at the right side of the bar - if done correctly you will get a Bad, Good, or Excellent and it will fly across again and so you have to press a different sword or magic attack - if done wrong you will get a Miss! To always get 'Excellent' make sure you press an attack as it lands on the right line.

The more you combo the smaller the 2 lines will get until you get to the 11th combo, then it will stay the same size and its all about keeping your cool and trying not to slip up.

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Beginner Guide
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